Competition:  "BellySTAR" 2018

Category:  Oriental /Solo


There will be a pre-selection among the candidates

Application with video to the Festival Organizer.

(please send a video link to or DVD via post
It can be any dance and must not be the final choreography)

The stylistic dircetion

should clearly be classical, traditional, oriental Cabaret Style. 
Length of Performance: Min. 2:30  minutes to max. 4:00 minutes

possible Styles:
* Raks Sharki,

* Akkordeon Baladi  / Tet Baladi
* Tarab
* Lyrical

* max 30% Tabla Solo.
* Accesoires: It is possible to use Isiswings or similar accessory but not for more than

  30% of the total duration of the performance


Judges: Jillina Carlano - Shahrzad - Eliana - Nadine

The finalists of the competition "Bellystar 2018"

Terms & Conditions

End of registration: March 10-2018
* Written notification via email to: with video link

  or DVD via mail
* Participation in at least 1 workshop during the Total Oriental  (Saturday o.Sunday)
* Entry fee: € 30.- per dancer

* last date for application:

The result of the pre-selection will be announced on 8th of April 2018.
Only then the WS-booking and the entry fee will be due for the participants




More infos soon

the jury

More infos soon

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