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May 4th 2018

    Studio Scarabeo
  05:30-8:30pm   WS-1 Jillina

fully booked
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May 5th 2018

    Stadthalle Fürth   Stadthalle Fürth   Stadthalle Fürth
  11am-1:30pm   WS-2 Jillina
"Arabic Pop"

fully booked
  WS-3 Nadine Bernhard
  WS-4  Romy
  02:00 - 4:30pm   WS-5 Shahrzad
  WS-6 Delanna
  WS-7 Djamila
„Off-Balance Kombis“
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May 6th 2018

    Studio Scarabeo
  Studio Scarabeo
  10:00am -12:30pm   WS-8 Jillina
"Truely Tarab"
  WS-9 Yela
"The Pearl of my Heart"

  01:00 - 3:30pm   WS-10 Shahrzad
"Tabla Solo"
  WS-11 Enussah
"Desert Rose"

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During the trade fair there will be a variety of workshops (2,5h) to selcted topics teached by the "Oriental Dance Stars". They will take place in the conference rooms at the fully air-conditioned ciciv center Fürth.                  


On Friday and Sunday you will have the opportunity to participate in intensive workshops with icons of the oriental dance scene to selected topics - a once in a life time opportunity. The Sunday workshops will take place at Enussah's beautiful Studio Scarabeo Palace in Nuremberg.


workshop prices Friday:

per  2h-Workshop: 65,00 €
Students: minus 5.-€

workshop prices Saturday:

per  2h-Workshop: 45,00 €
Students: minus 5.-€


workshop prices Sunday:

per 2,5-Workshop: 45,00 €

Students: minus 5.-€




Workshop registration

via email: enussah@gmx.de
or via phone: +49 911 9 40 55 77

(Studio Scarabeo Palace, Monday- Thursday: 6-8 pm, otherwise please leave a message on our answering machine.

Your registration is binding. A no-show wont release you from your duty of payment. Your registrations has to be received in writing and you need to pay the whole amount in advance. Otherwise we can't ensure your Workshop spot.
!!!Please notice!!!:

You will need a fair-ticket to participate in a workshop on Saturday.

Bank account:
Please make sure to indicate the reference
Account-holder: U. Mimus
Account-number: 231138439
Bank code: 764 500 00
Iban: DE 27764500000231138439



A cancellation is only possible 10 days before the date of the workshop and only if you have a valid reason (medical certificate) not to participate (full refund minus a 5€ administrative charge). Delayed cancellations can't be refunded but you may name an alternative participant. If the teacher is not able to teach a workshop, we will find a qualified substitute or you will receive full refund. We will assume no liability for your personal belongings.


Total Oriental Festival

Stadthalle Fürth

Rosenstraße 50

90762 Fürth


Enussah mobil:

+49 172 2375383

Studio Scarabeo Palace:

+49 911 9405577+49 911 9405577



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