Romy Mimus (Germany)


Romy is an official member of the world famous Dance Company "Bellydance Superstars"  (Tours worldwide), is member of the Multiaward winning dance Ensemble “Rakas” („Halima Award“ 2008, „Tribal Star Award“ 2012, „Bellydancer of the World - Formation“ 2013) , in  November 2013 she took first place in the competition "Bellydancer of the World- Solo", 2014 she was awarded with the Halima-Award for her dancing career and in September 2015 she became German Champion of oriental Dance at the German Championship.

Romy is certified Master Instructor for oriental Dance (Education Program „Step on“) and during her Teacher Education at Friedrich Alexander University she successfully absolved her State Examination in Psychology and is didactically qualified to be a teacher.

Romy is one of the most promising young talents in the oriental dance scene.

Her way of presenting the oriental dance is characterized by passion, knowhow and charm as well as professionalism and is enchanting not only her students but her European and Oriental Audience as well. Her additional jazz dance education and her interest in many other different dance styles make her dance repertoire even more colorful. Romy’s uniqueness in her dance also resulted in her partaken in several music videos aired on mtv.

Due to countless performances on stages all around the world and her long-term dance education, Romy became an experienced and sensational young dancer who is always keen to live out her passion at any given opportunity. Her love for the dance, the never ending curiosity, ambition and passion will take her yet a long way.


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Saturday May / 05 / 2018

11:00 am - 1:30 pm

“Bethebak” - Lyrical Bellydance -
A beautiful and romantic lyrical ballad, interpreted with soft, soulful and expressive movements. Romy shows you how to enchant your audience and how to become one with music and dance. Let yourself be carried away by romance and passion.

(Musik: Bethebak by Tamer Hosny)

       Level: from intermediate and higher



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